Saturday, September 15, 2012


Hey yow! It's soo good to be back! and as I go back. I didn't expect that blogger came up with a new style and a new format. that why I was having a hard time finding out how will I post this one. good thing there is a tutorial on the Dashboard so I found out some of the basic patterns here in blogger... 


To be honest, I love typing, I love sharing thoughts and stories but since I don't have time to share this with anyone, I think I should start to type in stuffs and Blogger have been my best buddy ever! hahaha well I hope I was able to make a lots of kwentos in here! Hahaha.. :D by the way I am a lazy blogger. and I know it shows :) 


You wonder why the title of this post is C.H.A.N.G.E.S? It's just simply because there is a lot of changes coming in our way, just like here in Blogger, It CHANGE! and I was quite surprise about it. but on the other part, I've been also experiencing Changes in my life recently and changes is always part of ours that challenge us so I hope that I were able to overcome this changes for the better and I hope you too! If you also feels the same as mine :)


 It's 1:39 am. Manila Time! Goodnight! :)

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