Sunday, September 16, 2012

Favorite Shots

Aside from posing in front of the camera, I also dream to work behind the lens and capture Beautiful Girls.. views I meant. Girls are already given. Kidding! :D

Being a photographer is not an easy Job, you have to deal with pressure, judgement, all eyes are in you,meeting different kinds of people and speding a lot of time into it. but there is one factor we have to consider - Your heart should be there, because when you enjoy what you are doing wether Edited shots or Not, It shows the positivity and the beauty in every shots you've taken.

In the famous quotations by Henri Cartier Bresson

''Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst''

I do have here some of my favorite shots taken from different Locations. More pics to come soon! :)

Kennon Road Baguio City
St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church Kawit, Cavite
St. Mary Magdalene Parish Church Kawit, Cavite

Philippine Military Academy Park
Philippine Military Academy Park

Philippine Military Academy Baguio City


fiel-kun said...

random blog hop!

nice shot parekoy :)

Ray Albert Sabater said...

Thanks bro! followed you.. :)

Mitchie said...

si kuya FIEL-KUN napadpad dito. heheh :)