Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Birthday Invitation

It is very usual in every occasion to provide an Invitation for the guests to be aware of  every details on a celebration particularly Birthday and Wedding celebrations. It is consists of important information that specify the person and the happenings on the said event.Last March 2012 I celebrate my 21st Birthday and Luckily I was able to provide Invitation for my guests thru the help of my very good friend Wilson Makalintal, He is definitely an artists with a lot of talent.. he also the one who provided some steps as he choreographed the 21 Grooves/ Dance on the program. and the one who Lay-out my Invitation Design you are going to see below. I just want to showcase his amazing works that really impressed me a Lot!. If you  also need someone who will work for you like this. Don't hesitate to set an appointment or send message to him by browsing Wilson Makalintal facebook account or email

Invatation Lay-out details Back and Front


Printed Copies

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