Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My 21st Birthday Bash - The Party

It's already September but I can't get enough of the gathering of my loved ones Happened on my very special day, t'was 10th of March  and I'm so overwhelmed by all the people who came and witness as I enter another milestone in my life you wonder why I have all those stuffs because Debut Celebration particularly in a guy is very unusual. t'was kinda awkward for me but I realized that I want to try something new and I was trying to make a change not just for myself but for the tradition that we normally used to be. Good thing I do have a supportive and loving family who help me out to make it possible as well as my classmates friends and relatives. It was also my advance Graduation party by that time also so we really pursue this event for two celebration.  My Birthday is March 08, but we decided to to move the celebration to 10th of March, saturday to give favour to those who have a class and might having busy schedule on the said date. I want to share some of the pics Taken on my Birthday from Lester and some of my friends who took the pictures during the celebration. Hope you and Enjoy Because I enjoy seeing every single pics I do have on this special night of my life :)


I just love Penshoppe! :D

It's Obvious that I love Penshoppe

with a cute bear. Thanks Mei! :)

Give away Photos

Nike Shoes Yeah!

The Venue - Preparation

We decided to chose the Formerly Seven Sister Restaurant (owned by my relatives and family)  to be the venue of my Birthday Bash, aside to the fact that it is also located in our compound there is also a lot of unforgettable moments and events happened on that place. with the consent of Tita Emmy all the way from states so we decided to set up those stuffs. with over 130 chairs and 14 Tables and a stage

The Venue: Formerly Seven Sister Restaurant

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Let the Party Begin!

The Stage. I just recently realized that I used La Salle and Ateneo color codes as my Motif but It was nice I think :)


My Birthday Cake! I find it soooo cute! Thanks Ate and Kuya!

Let the show begin!

Opening Production Number with Christian, Arvin, Victor and Jasper

Fresh Like Dougie :)


Marj and Sally

With 2 of the 4 Hosts of the night - Marj and Sally

With 2 of the 4 Hosts of the night - Marj and Sally

21 Models

 To start the Program, 21 Models heat up the stage as they ramp one by one and show everyone what they've got from My co-candidate in Mr. & Ms. CIE 2008 Maelyn, Clarissa and Jasper - Mr. & Ms Cavite Global 2009 Lendel Mei and Mitch Teen Fashionista of Metro Manila's Razel, Ezra, Roppie, Carl, Tricia, Macky, Kevin and Haynes Close friends Ralph, Ernest, Cindy and Daddy Allan. I'm just impressed seeing them on-stage eventhough we don't have any rehearsals or blocking yet they already know what to do on stage. :)

L-R Ralph, Clarisa, Roppie, Ezra, Razel, Ray, Macky, Carl and Haynes

Having Fun on-stage

21 Models

L-R Front: Ernest, Ralph, Roppie, Razel, Tricia, Haynes 2nd Row Ro-Ar, Clarisa, Ezra, Mei, Macky and Carl

21 Grooves

We keep the audience Moving and Grooving as we present the 21 Grooves, in a usual debut particularly to a Girl celebrant  it is classified as 18 Roses, we all know that the debutant paired to different kinds of close guy friends/relatives  who gave a rose and dance together in the rhythm of the music. since I was Guy, we made a twist and Dance into different Genre's of music such as slow dance,modern,hiphop,cha-cha, novelty and a whole lot more. with my 21 close friends and family including my Mom, Sister, Dad, Marj, Bernice, Angie, Jen Princess, Cindy, Ultimate Dance Kids, Kevin, Razel, Cristina, Ernest, Mama She and Tricia.

Do I make you Proud? with My Mom Perla :)
Dancing to the tune of Martin Nievera with my Sister Irene

Movin' with wait a Minute by Pussycat dolls with Bernice

Doing the Dougie with Jasper

Party People with Cindy

It's a K-POP moment with Wilson!

Push it? pull it! Dancing a craze with my loving pumpkins :)

Dancing Waka waka with my brother Kevin!

were still waiting for out turrnnn! with Christina! :)

yay yay yaaaaahhh!!! grooving a Vhong Navarro hit with Lester

Interpretative Dance with Sally

Fire ball with Kristine

with my Sister gracing the audience with Papi! :)
is it by chance?? with Angie
Meet my swagger Daddy! he's the one who taught  me how to Dougie. see? :)

Doing a kembot craze with Razel!

Party Rock with Ralph and Ernest
Moving like a Jagger with Mama Sheila :)
With my last dance. Tricia :)

Blowing the Party Cake! 

It's such a great feeling to be with your loved ones singing around. It was really a priceless moment for me.

It's time to Blowwwwww! :p
Happy :)

With my Proud Parents


It's my time to Thank Everybody and It almost took a long minutes before I finished my Thank-ious.. the feeling was really really priceless.. Happy :)

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