Sunday, December 25, 2011

Maytinis 2011

What is Maytinis? for some of you I know you are even not familiar what does that mean. let me explain it to you by using... Google! hahaha =)

-A well-loved Caviteño festival tradition, the Maytinis is a dramatic retelling of St. Joseph’s and Virgin Mary’s search in Bethlehem for a place to stay. They found not a room, of course, but a stable where Christ was eventually born. Much rejoicing erupts as the play ends, culminating in a lively parade down the street of Kawit. It is a uniquely Filipino translation of this ancient biblical episode.

this were actually happens every 24th of December here are the line up of the float parade for this year let me show it to You! :P

This was actually one of the Highlights of Maytinis 2011 every year they always look forward who will be the one who will portray Adam and Eve this year. well obviously this is one of the daring float since were all aware that Adam and Eve just wear those stuffs during their time. Eve was indeed sexy! :) Adam is Raymond Fortunado familiar to me because he was my friends co-candidate during an event on StarMall Las Pinas - Heatwave 2010 nextyear ako naman dyan. hahaha kidding!

Let me introduce to you to this Flot of Pagdalaw! :)
well not just because of that. because I know the Girl whose standing there well girls actually, surprisingly Miluc was also there I only know Cindy but her Mom told me that Miluc was also there. she is my co-candidate on the 100 Teens Fashionista which happened last May 2011 she is #26 there. then Cindy is my long time friend nice to see them both there. they're stunning that night :) here's more below:

Were all there to watch this once a year event. Indeed It was nice witness this kind of festival. Reminder: all on the floats are 100% Human I hope you enjoy seeing those pics! Merry Christmas! =)

Photo Credits: Mrs. Sheryll Legaspi (6 images) and Mr. Hector Lagda (1 image)

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