Sunday, January 1, 2012

MY THANK-IOU's 2011 :)

It seems like yesterday when I was making my previous thank-ious to those who had been part of my 2010 and now another year will pass and I can say that this year had been a great experiences for me to learn, appreciate peoples and things, to value each day and time to love and enjoy life…

To my Family!
Who never fails to give me their 100% love and support.. for giving me all the best that they could give. For showing me how wonderful person I am and for giving me the reason to wake up every morning. You were my life, my insipiration! Ma,Paps,Ate Irene,Kuya Jerome, Kuya Ron, Kuya Mac and Ate Gemma! =) Love ko kayong lahat!

To my BSIE-EsT – 4A family ( Jen Princess, Angielyn,Joemell, Mary Rose, Caroline, Rizza, Shekinah,Evelyn, Rosene, Joefel, Maelyn, Victor,Jasper Geebain, Sally Joy) – I miss you so much guys! It’s getting nearer.. we’ve waited so long for this! lapit na tayo Gumraduate! I just want to thank each and everyone of you for the priceless moments that we shared everyday!

Marj – kapatid! We’ve had a lots and bunch of moments shared this year well it’s been a routine for us everyday and everytime! Thank you for being always there for me and believing in me in ways that others can’t see. You’re one of the best niece I’ve ever had! :)

UDK4 Kids - mga pamagkin! galingan nyo sa party bukas! si kuya ang nagchoreo nyan! wag nyo ko papahiya sa angkan natin okay?Monique,Darlene,Kian,Andrei,Say,Nikki,VincentGian,Jazmine,Emil. :) may prixe daw. hahaha

Mami Vhit - Thank you po for entrusting MJ sa 'kin. thank you din po for letting to be my 2nd Mom aside kay Mama. hehe.. thanks din po for participating on Marj video nung birthday nya po. more bondings with our family po nextyear! :)

Mama She – Thank you for being such an amazing person you never fail to surprise me everytime. Andito lang ako palagi at alam mo yun! Labyu Ma :*

Ate Vangie - Nakakamiss! hehe.. we rarely seen each other due to your hectic schedules but when the time comes that were together you really make to the point that we have a quality time spent. looking forward to have a lot of boding moments with our family on 2012 and syempre on the coming years. Godbless ate! the best!

Ate Che - Happy New Year po! first year that you're not here. even though were not seen each other ng madalas nakakamiss yung ramdam mong malapit ka lang. but despite of that you proved to me that distance would never be an issue. darating na si Baby sa march if it's a boy i'm sure magmamana din yan sa kuyang pogi! :) hahaha! :P Gb!

Corral Family! to my relative in bicol! especially Tita Ellen,Tita Muriel, Ate Sheryl,Olive Oliver and to the rest of the fa. there. Miss na namain kayo! hopefully makauwi po kasi sa summer. Thanks for showing me how proud you are to me everytie you found out that I have activities doing here. Para sa inyo po yun :)

Sabater Family - Happy New Year po! I just wish everybody the best of everything this year for all of us! Godbless! party na bukas! hehehe :)

Myrus - Yehess! Thank you for being part of my 2011! It's been such a great opportunity to know the Sentimental Prince of OPM. and being a cool and good friend. more projects this 2012! congrats for the hit sucess of ''Pusong Lito'' Godbless! :)

Ian - Happy New Year Bunso! more gym for us to come! konti na lang magkaka-abs na tayo! haha.. more wagas moments with MARJ! ingat lagi yun lamig mo! haha..

Ate Leslie - Thank you ate! haha thank U agad eh no? :) I had nothing much to say pero salamat for being there for bunso despite of our distances. excited na ko! alam mo na ate. ahaha!

Mam Camz - Wendys! or Goldilocks? haha joke! Happy New Year Mam! I just remember how I felt sad after you go and now you're around. God will really make way for everything! thanks for being there when I need you. salamat sa waga na kulitan. til nextshir!!

Mei - Happy New Year Mei! welcome to the family! i hope to spend bonding moments with you along with tita and mitch soon! Godbless! :)

Jen Princess- Ta jen! You had been one of the most persons who makes my strength and weaknesses for being such an extra ordinary woman who has a strong personality. Ewan ko kung saan mo nahuhugot yan we’ll I know you have a strong connection with God that’s why you’re blessed. Thank you sa lahat lahat! Kulang to to express how much grateful am I to have you from 2008 up to now and I’m pretty sure sa marami pang years.

Maro – Happy New Year! Jolibee na tayo. Hehe I had a lot of crazy moments with you this year sanggang dikit nga eh. Haha. Thanks for being such a very good friend of mine. I’m so happy for you for having Christian. Just continue to love each other

CARMINAH - Happy New Year! I miss hanging out with you girls doing cool and sometime crazy things. especially the Jelly dougie! soon may number talaga tayong tatlo dapat! :)

Kuya Jonar - Happy new Year! thanks for being there kay Utol! syempre dito lang din ako alam mo yun! til nextyear! Godbless

Jan Ernest – Couz! Thanks for being such a great brother to me. It’s been four years! Nawala na yung ibang classmates natin but still our friendship remains. Kung baga sa gyera were the Last Man Standing haha! Goodluck sa pageant mo on January! Were all supporting you

Angie - thanks for being always there for me. You never fail to make me smile eveytime you're around sorry sa mga pangpipikon ko! more of it nextyear haa joke. GB! :)

Mitch -You’ve proven enough how much I mean to you. Thanks for reminding me how wonderful and special person I am. Thanks for being my bestfriend whose always there everytime I need someone to talk to. Ayan 2 na kami ni KIMPOY FELICIANO! Hahaha!

Janina- babe! Were all aware that you were one of chick (chick talaga eh no? haha!) that I first hang-out with the teens. Because of this nakagawa tayo ng group along with Abbie,Macky,Lee and Claire thank you for being such a nice and sweetest girl I’ve known. Looking forward to hang-out with you soon! Seryoso na to!

Razel - Pumpkin! Happy new year! sikat na sikat ka na! Sam Pinto haha.. Congrats sa career! more projects to come this year at sa mga susunod pa. Thanks for being such my wagas pamangkin! can't forget our laughtrip moments. haha

Greg - Angel Locsin! Happy New Year and belated Happy birthday! kamuta kayo ni ano? hehe.. I hope na dumating na sya para naman matuloy na yung mga naudlot. :D Have a great year ahead!

Macky - yung gravyyyy! haha joke thanks for the bondings we've had this 2011. more to come nextyear! ililibre mo na ko. bigtime eh.. yun oh! :)

Abbie - thanks for being such a good friend of mine. loking forward to bond more often with you this year (2012) hehe.. nextime pa-sako din ako sa mga out of country trip mo hah? HAHA! :p

Roppie – Ang wagas kong kapatid! Thank you for the wagas moments. Mga kalokohan mong minsan eh aabot na sa pagsapak ko sayo. Haha joke lang. ditto lang ang kuya!

Meroy – hahahaha! Happy New Year Iggy-lot! Lol. Salamat sa 2 Max na binigay mo skin sa Trinoma! But most of all thanks for entrusting me to be your kuya. Congrats for being RN! proud kuya! :)

Allen Dale - You really made an Impact at Gandang gabi Vice! hehe.. Happy new Year! hope to see you soon! :) stay pretty,hot,sexy and gorgeus! hehe :)
Tricia –It’s been a month and Yes I miss you! I hope you're doing well. Ga-graduate ka na and you’ll never know how much I’m proud of you eventhough ganun ang nangyari. Happy New Year! Godbless

Drix - Hendrickson! Haha.. thanks for keeping intouch eventhough your far far away from here. Still it seems like you’re near looking forward to see you soon when you get back here in Manila. Kailangan mo talagang bumawi dahil wala ka ditto sa March. :P

Luis - Happy New Year Luis Hontiverossss! may galit? haha! thanks for the friendship bro! hopefully makapag boom boom shake shake na! xP

Jazper - ang taong active sa madaling araw! haha! Happy new year bru! pakabait na ah. kalimutan mo na yun. LOL! thanks for giving me BB soon! ahaha joke! Thanks for making part of 2k11 GB! c: til nextyear! Happy new year!

Kuya Allan – Christmas Tree! Haha.. I’ve seen a lot of those all the time. Ihad nothing much to say but Thanks for being there kuya! :)

Julius - hahaha.. sorry for waiting you lastime as Airport. Lol. it's been years and years but still everything goes well. thanks for being one of the coolest bros i've had. sana next na mallshow nyo. maiharap mo na ko kay Kim Chiu. yeah! :)

Iago - nakakasama ng loob! haha joke. Happy New Year! thanks for being part of my 2010 ay 2011 pala haha.. tilnextyear!

Carisse - Idol! yung mga the moves mo talagang pang champion haha! the best ka! thanks for the friendship (wait coconfirm ko pa pala kung friends na tayo). hahaha Happy New Year! :)

Juan Carlos - buong buo! haha. epic ang how did you know! thanks for making time sa grand finals ko before sa Teen fashionista at for the invites sa PFW . haha. ggrraduate na tayo lait na! yehess! :)

Verge -tara mcdo na! di pa din tayo natutuloy. i'm sure nextyear tuloy na tuloy na haha! sure yun . XD

Alvien - thank you for letting me to be part of your 2011! hopefully matuloy na yung mga lakad na di matuloy dahil sa lakas ng ulan. lol Happy new year buchukoy! :)

Jonas - Budoy! haha... Thanks for being such a good bro! thanks for believing that in me that I really look like Sam Milby, we'll as I look up it's true pero kamukha mo talaga si Gerald anderson! yeah! :)

John Carlo - carlooo! Libre mo ko! haha.. see you soon. thanks din for being part of my 2011. can't forget the word na talaga namang pinasikat mo sa 'kin clue: Bus Line. haha :D Godbless! Happy New Year!

Thirdy - Bogs! Happy New Year! sure na talaga this 2012! alam ko naubos na ang kandila. basta chill ka lang. thanks hah. Gb! :)

Carlo - Bestbro! Thanks for being the coolest bro! The best ka! sana matapos na yung cover this 2012 :/ hehe Happy New Year! til 2k12! xP :)

Jhed - may kasalanan ka pa skin! haha! dahil dyan kailangan mong manlibre LOL Happy New Year Twin bro! Godbless!

Prime - Happy New Year Junjun! haha! akalain mong nagkahabulan pa tayo sa 2011 haha hope to hang-out with you soon. Godbless!

Kiko - ang batang inosente! haha thanks for rockin' my 2011 waga ka bro! GB!

Van - tweet! ang lalaking adik sa twitter! thanks for making part of my 2011! til 2012! nice to know you! i'm pretty sure that soon you'll be the twitter sensation! haha Godbles Happy New Year! :)

Jean Rose - Ganda mo pa din! asusual! congrats for bagging the Ms. Universe 2011! haha see you soon!

Christina Marie - Nice to see you kanina! I was so speechless ang hot and sexy mo kasi eh! hehe thanks for being there and part of my 2011! til nextyear! the best ka :)

Kath - Superbass! haha may utang ka pa sa 'kin! hehe. thanks for being one of my coolest friends ever! til nextyear. miss ka na ni nicole talaga. hahaha :)

Kuya Jr Sala - Congrats for your sucess! Indeed you deserve that because you are down to earth and yet humble despite of your sucess in your chosen field. I hope to work with you again soon! just go and do anything because nothing can stop you. Happy new Year!

Kim Chiu - Crush na Crush kita! I love youuuuuuuuuuuu! akin ka na lang!

Mark,Myron,Martin,Gigz,Jasson,Josh,John Cypher, Hans, Micko,Moises, Ian Lara, Wilson
Ang mga wagas kong brothers! haha! thank you for being part of my 2011! Till nextyear! asahan ko kayo yeah! Godbless! :)

Throbs Family!

It's been such a big privellege to know this kind of people. a great foundation of brotherhood. Thank you for letting me to be part of the group. to Deo Carlo. alam mo yan! hehe you're the best! and to lil bro Ro-Ar see you soon! thanks for being nice kay Bbro! malapit na yeah!:) and Happy 3rd Anniversary to D'Throbs Family! on Jan. 01 2012 :)

Teen Fashionista Family!

Happy New Year Teens! Indeed 2011 has one of the best years for me. Imagine I got to know 99 teens in an instant. eventhough I didn't get a chance to interact with each and everyone of you still, I believe that we'll get to know each other soon because the world is too small for us. Godbless sa mga careers ng lahat! as we see everybody did great in our chosen field so let's just continue what we've started. Godbless! =)

To COF (Circle of Friends) Family!

Miss ko na kayo! I hope to spend a lot of bonding moments with you this 2012!

Mami Laids - Hi Mami! nice to be with you last 24 hopefully nextyear we do the same thing just like what we did before

Cindy - ang ganda oh! hehe.. It's nice to see you last Dec 24, @ Maytinis 2011 you make me proud! nextyear Eba't Adan naman tayo! haha joke

Phau - B1! amisyow kambal! long time no see.. I hope to see and bond with you soon lalo na this 2012. kakanta pa tayo! hehe

Russ - Secret! Happy New Year! can't remeber our crazy things we did before yung mga kilig kilig mo. haha joke hope na maulit ulit yun soon. Lead it! LOL

Jimmy & Kenjiro - musta? longtime! hehe.. hope to see you one of this days!

Angelo - We Miss you bro! your memories will always remain in our hearts. I know that you're okay because there are no pains in heaven. Thank you for giving me the chance to be your friend.

To my Bubble gang family!

Tito Tonee – Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be there at the Bubble Gang Taping! It’s been such a cool experience for me and hopefully I was able to go back soon! Have a great new year tito!

Oreo –It all starts there and yes, I go out with GMA network with an instant bestbuddy! Thanks for the coolest moments and craziest moments you did. Alam mo nay un! Hahaha

Kaye – Tanya Gracia! Wuhow! :) thanks for being approachable eventhough all boys kaming nangungulet satyo sa taping nun. Hopefully we’ve got a chance to work with and see you again soon along with Hannah! C:

Hannah – uy! Schoolmate mo pala si shek! Haha.. she shared to me kasi may kakilala daw sya nagtataping sa BBG! Haha. I don’t think it’s the right place to talk with this things. Haha seriously same as Kaye. Thank you! And I hope to see u soon!

Dyosep – After invading Cavite Global few years ago it’s been a cool experience to see you around! It really proves that the world is too small for us. Haha! More Power sa Career!

To God Almighty

I was supposed to put you on the first line but I know wherever I put you here. I know that you know that you're always on the TOP and Number one for me. I love you and I want to Thank you for giving me so much blessings on the year 2011. I met different wonderful persons and opportunity which leads to my dreams. all of this are for YOU! make me the best person not only for myself but for my friends and loved ones ABOVE ^

To my Fans! Kidding! :)
To those who believe in me: (ayan mas pleasing)
Thank you for everything!I promise to work hard and reach my dreams. HE knows that! :)

To those who I wasn't able to mention. I know that you know that even though you're not here you're in my

To my:
8,450 Friends in Facebook
505 Followes in Twitter
653 Fanpage Likers

Happy New Year! may you enjoy not just the rest of this night but the year that coming ahead of us! Mahal ko kayong lahat! Godbless! :)

-Ray Albert C. Sabater


Mitchie said...

naks. umabot na sa blogger yung THANK-IOUS nya :)))) thanks din bes .. loveu! :)

Ray Albert said...

that was so sweet of you. love din kita bes :) ganun talaga! ikaw din ang admin dito eh. hehe

Mitchie said...

hahah :))) wala na. kinalimutan ko na password mo .. :p