Saturday, September 15, 2012

It's Mr. Pogi Day!

It's saturday and it's my Day! Haha.. kidding :D t'was Eat Bulaga's searching for the next Heart throbs Grand Finals - Mr. Pogi 2012. I was actually forced by different people to join this specific contest because there are a lots of my common friends and close friends who had been part and joined the said search but I don't have the guts to join the contest. I have to boost enough moooooore confidence on screen shouting  ''Gulat kayo no? Akala nyo si _________ (Insert Name) nagkakamali kayo!''  Haha.. maybe next year! we'll just find out and see :D since it's Mr. Pogi fever, let me show you some of the pics from Mr. Pogi 2012
        Photo Credits:
        Eat Bulaga Official Facebook Account

         Meet the 16 Official Candidates of 2012 Mr. Pogi :)

Finalists 1-4

Finalist 5-8
Finalists 13-16
Finalists 9-12

Gulat kayo no???? Wala ako dyan! Haha.. :D

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