Sunday, November 14, 2010

My Story Behind Willing Willie

My Mom had been a follower of Wowowee eversince so, when Kuya Will is back, I promised myself that I'll take her to the studio one of these days, kaya when Mo Twister announced na pwedeng magpareserve to watch live on the set, I grabbed the chance to email them and luckily, they replied to me within a day and the staff asking me how many are watching with me and when we would like to watch, I answered back and tell them that we want to watch on the 13th of November, and we were about 8, and the staff replied and asked me again that I have to get the stub/passes on November 10, at Tv5 which will serve as our reservation. the bad thing is hindi ko alam where is the studio  located, I've been  familiar only to ABS-CBN and GMA since I've been there before, so I asked Arnex, my friend Arnex, a Talent of the Network then ayun, I found out kung saan yung address. I searched map through online to traced where it is located, It's too far! and I've never been there before, but I just said ''Kaya 'to the day after I talked to my friend Angie na magpapasama ko sa kanya, kaya right after the class we go there and get the tickets, we  get there and nasunod naman yung nasa map! hahaha.. now I realized, Accurate pala talaga ang Map. lol!  to make the story short everything goes well , nakuha namin yung stub then. di na nakaattend sa last subject, :( Luckily It's just our first week in class. then we decided to go home, but since it's wednesday, I decided to go to one of my favorite churches. Our Lady of Perpetual Help or mostly known as Baclaran Church, I pray and ask for help for us to guide and hope that things gets better, kasi wala naman din akong ibang goal kung hindi mapasaya ang Mom so. right after I went home and  nagdrama ako. here's the script text to make you understand:

(As I enter the door:)
RAY: Ma, Badtrip!
Mom: Oh bakit ano nangyari?
RAY: Nextime na lang ma, di kaya eh ginawa ko na din lahat pero wala :'(
Dad: Oo nga Huwag na. sabihin mo na lang din sa kanila. Mom: (sad face)
RAY: (dinudukot yung stub sa bag) ''Ma oh''
Mom smiled at me. :)

Happy na! .. hahaha that night was cool! excited na for the show, hehehe

Saturday naaaa! We found out that were just five that were going on the set, hindi makakasama yung another 3 because of the emergencies and conflict sa sched. kaya kaming lima lang ang natuloy, c Mom, Ate, Tita Shirley, Tita Baby at Ako. usapan na aalis kami was around 10am eh kagigisng ko lang! tsk tsk.. alam niyo naman ako Mr. Punctual hahaha .. nakaalis na kami ng 11:00 am sharp, were just expected to be there at Baclaran by 12:00 PM nakarating naman kami ng mas maaga so we decided na mag Bus na lang, which surely will took a long hours since south to north ang magiging byahe namin. that was really far!.. but we enjoyed the view, it was fun! we arrived there around 1:45pm kaya wala naman naging problema when we get there dumerecho na kami sa Gate while the marshalls assists us and told us to enter and go to the Holding area, whew! konti pa lang yung tao, but stills as the time goes by padami na ng padami, long hours of waiting, mga 4:10pm na din siguro kami nakapasok,pero worth it naman, you'll  get to know later on, or maybe alam mo na! hahaha .. then we enter the studio then the staff give us a shirt and Pepsodent toothpaste which happen to be their sponsor on that week tapos umupo na kami sa respective areas kung san kami dinala ng staff, then napadpad kami sa pinakataas :( malayo pero sakto lang, sa may bandang gilid pero di naman maxado crowded, nasa set na si Inday Garutay & Jaya para mag entertain at magguide sa mga studio audience,we also learn how to dance Tantanan chuchurutchurut and Willing Willie Themesong,

It was really cool! hehe .. been fun dancing hahaha ... pumili na din sila ng 40 studio audiences who will play 1,2,3 GO! segment later on. by doing raffle good thing nabunot si Tita Shirley, (mom's sister) so ayun .. Happy :) few minutes after natapos na ang briefing at nag-countdown na kami for the Live show, 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2, 1 ... start na ang show... Sugar, Aifa and Jopay Hit the stage on their production numbers sexy! lalo na din ang WW.GIRLS! I'm looking forward to see Congrats,Pak, Aiko and Lovely kasi, walang lang crush ko sila eh. hahaha I actually dreaming to see Luningning sana kaso wala na xa dun :( pero ganun talaga. hehe eto naaa! si kuya will! Iba yung pakiramdam may Will Fever! lol ayun tuloy tuloy na ang sayaw.. until sa pumili na ng 10-Bigtime, sa kamalasang palad wala pa din .. hehe .. Alam ko namang di talaga ko mapapasali, well ang gusto ko lang naman talaga mag-enjoy at madala sila mama dun kaya I enjoyed watching na lang, ayun na si Tita!! They already playing 1,2,3, GO.. they enter on the set while holding a bunch of UFC Ketchup cool! hehe .. then Shalani ask the first question.. by the way, shalani is so damn pretty! whew!)

then first Question as asked. "Sa rainbow, kapag inarrange ang colors alphabetically pang ilan ang color blue? 1,2,3 GO!'' napaisip ako dunah! then sa pagkalito di ko na sensayasan si tita at sumabay sya sa 42 na tao na pumila she choose no.2 bad thing is 1 lang pala ang sagot so she lose the game, syang di ko naisip agad atleast she might able to win the game, only 8 remained and play the Game hanggang sa umabot sa 3 nlang sila, the two chose  #2 answer then the other one choses #3 answer, got happen that the answer was #1 pala. so walang nanalo sa game na yun, before the commercial break staff ask us to wear the Pepsodent Shirt for the segment so when Dj Mo, spiels, we wear the shirt for the promotion of the said product , since walang nanalo sa game na yun Kuya Will decided na bumunot na lang ng player sa Shoot mo baby,

What is Shoot mo baby? This is the jackpot round of 123 Go! The mechanics were not much different from the game as played in a perya. In the center was a raised platform where many plastic tubes stood tightly beside each other. These plastic tubes came with a corresponding amount. The center tube is the jackpot.
The contestant was then made to stand behind a movable fence and given plastic bangles. From there, he/she had to try and get the bangles to wrap around as many of the tubes as possible. hahaha..:)

Will: ok bubunot na ko, 1st attempt (WALANG pangalan>
2nd attempt (WALA pangalan yaann ba anu namang na)
3rd attempt (ETO na!!>)(tahimik lahat, hahaha )
''From Kawit Cavite....., Ray Albert Sabater.. Come on Down!''

Syempre na-shocked ako hahaha . I went down the stage seeing myself infront of the TV screens all over the studio, haha nablanko na ko, nakakatuwa yung mga tao, while I went down the stage , they're was like staring and saying their Goodlucks to me, cute hahaha .. then Tinatawag na ko ni Owen and assisted me to go beside will, waaah!! katabi ko na si will.. hahaha .. wala lang, then he interviewed me na.

Willie: Ray Albert, so from Kawit, Cavite ka?
Ray Albert: Opo Willie: Ok, sige! maglaro na tayo!
Ray Albert: Kuya Will, pwede pong bumati?
Willie: Mamaya na yan, bati kaagad, maglaro ka muna!

Willie take me to the Game area and left me while the dancers do their intro for pepsodent no. nakakapressure daming tao! hahaha ...pero ok lang naman, can't believe I'm seeing myself infront of the TV, hehe .. bumalik na si kuya will, and back to the interview.

Willie: Ray, sino ang mga kasama mo?
Ray Albert: ahh, Si Mama tsaka sila Tita po.
Willie: Pano ka napunta dito?
Ray ALbert: ahh, eversince po kasi fan po kayo ng mama ko even before nung nasa Wowowee pa kayo kaya po dinala ko sila dito''
Willie: (listens) ahh, oh cge bumati ka na!
Ray Albert: ahm, binabati ko po yung Papa ko na nanonood sa bahay, yung mga classmates ko po from TUP-Manila at yung Sabater Family.
Willie: ok, teka masaya ka ba? sino ba namatay? (laughs) (the audiences also laughs)
Ray Albert: Opo, Kinakabahan lang po
Willie: ah, okay Dapat masaya ka! Let' Play the Game! Ishoot mo lang yan at pwede mong makuha ang 50 thousand jackpot from Pepsodent, Ray ready ka na? Go!

Ang hirap i-shoot! haha anlayo kasi haha.. the first 15 seconds talagang nahihirapan ako, di ko din kasi talaga tinarget yung 50k talagng I just there to have fun at inenjoy ko lang yung paglalaro haha .. hagis dito hagis doon.

Will: sige lang ok lang jackpot! naka 3 thousand na sya. 10 seconds, 3,2 ahh .. sige 3 thousand oh, sayang oh, sayang.. ah dalawang three thousand. ok lang yon. meron ka ng 6 thousand pesos. congrats!

Then Congrats entered the the place where kuya will and I standing, and give me the cash price then I thank the Pepsodent,Willing Willie and Kuya Will, Happy :)
I also got a chance to take a pic with Kuya Will during the commercial break. as I go back on my seat I wasn't expecting that I played a while ago so naging tulala na siguro ako the whole time, hahaha ...
We ate dinner and go home na .. di ko na rin i-eelaborate to make the story more shorter, hahaha

It was not about the Cash Prize, I might get only a small amount but for me It was an amazing experience to be played. I was only there to enjoy and Made my Mom enjoy because all I want for her is to be happy. :) I've been so overwhelmed by those persons who send me on my Facebook,PM's and text, congratulating me as my get my tv appearance, Lol! hahaa .. but seriously I want to thank all of them, and to YOU! for making time reading this stuff.. This experience prove me that I have to work harder not just for myself but for those persons who believe and proud of me. Willing Willie!  :)

To watch the short clip:

I do have here some of the Photos Taken on the studio :)


Ray Albert said...

dami pang typo errors! haha
bukas ko na lang aayusin :P

Drix Salazar said...

pansin ko nga.. hahaha! Congrats ulit, R.A! (:

Mitchie said...

`wala ! ndi ka nagsama . tsk tsk >.<

Leonrap said...

waahh pwede pala magpa reserve? ahaha. pinopost ba sa tv screen ung email address?? taga novaliches lang kami pero di pa kami nakakapunta sa studio (busy kasi eh)... haha. but anywiez, good thing for you! ^^,