Tuesday, December 28, 2010


The year 2010 had been a blast to me, meeting a lot of surprises, opportunity,challenges, new friends, changes, chances and learning out new things that help me out to become more mature and a better person as I face another year this 2011 but before that happens I just want to give my Thank you's to those persons who had been part of me this year.

First, my Family Mom,Papa and Ate for understanding me all throughout the years for loving me more than I needed. and for taking care of me ALL THE TiME.
To my two Kuya's who had been worked about to be able for us to gave a better life, I know how hard it is for them to be far from here but I know that they'll just think that it's for the better. we badly miss you kuya's

To my relatives - SABATER family and CORRAL Family :)
Thank You po!

Ate Vangie- A person with a lot of surpises, thanks for being there to us and the family, you've been showing us how amazing person you are. Godbless po You're truly the best :)

To my classmates BSIE-EST/3-A Thanks guys for helping me out to find my real family
in my college life. in random order (Angie,CARMINAH,Jen Princess,MaRO,Jasper,Joemell,Jaycie,Joefell,Victor,Geebain,Sally,Maelyn,Jinjen) as well as our Blockmates Com-ed and AE. thanks for sharing wordrerful moments in the classroom with you guys! lapit na tayo gumraduate! yeheyyy!

To my Professors! anf my TUP-USG fam. especaially to the batch last 2009 for cultivating the friendship eventhough the pageant is over :)

To my friends infront of Spotlight:

To my Cavite Global Candidates!
MR & Ms. TUP and Mr & Ms CIE batch 2009 candidates:
Despite of the hectic scheds that we've been through, yung iba malayo na, yung iba artista na, (haha) some were getting married, yung iba busy sa school,work at career I know that you'll making time just to keep intouch.. looking forward to a Big reunion this 2011! I miss you Guys! <3

To my COF Family Mami Laidz, Cindy, Phau, Paolo, Russell, Kenjiro,Jimmy,Angelo,Tito Heirjohn,Kuya Randy - thanks for the bonding that we've spent on the rest of the summer vacation.. Looking forward to spend more with you guys soon! I miss you all :)

IV-Diamond -Guys! December 27 was one of the memorable days with me this 2010 Thanks for making time to had a reunion party lat time. til nextyear! ^^
Jan Ernest- couz! thanks for being such a best friend of mine. you're the best!
Ralph and Carlos- Hindi mabubuo ang pinaskita nating F4 kung wala kayong dalawa, thanks din sa pagkakaibigang tumagal ng matagal na panahon. more years to come! Happy Birthday Rap! :)

Mommy Helen- Thanks for being such a great Tita to me, we miss you :'( and it's sad to think that you're not with us as we face 2011 but I know that wherever you are you are Happy. we really you and I do love you.

To my Photographers:
Kuya Kristian Marquez - Thanks for the shoot lastime! It's been such a great experience to work with you. at firsdt I never thought that It was you :) hehe.
Paul Cortes- Paul! Thanks fo the friendship! lens.It's been such a comfortable experience to work with you.
Kuya Jr Sala- Thank you! It's been such an amazing experience to work with you looking forward to work with you again in the future pag may ABS na ko. hehehe..

To my EGO- family, thank's for including me as the member of the Group. looking forward to see you all soon.

To my online buddies:
Drix- Thanks for being such a very good friend of mine. You're truly a kapamilya
Keith- Thanks for the trust! It's been such a long time na din na magkakilala tayo. thanks sa FB and we've crossed. :)
Enzo/Erjohn/Cedrick/Paulo/Paul/Moi-Moi- Thanks Guyssss!!! :)
Kristine louise- one of the prettiest girl I've see on Fb. Thank you for the friendship! :)
Wilson - Kuyaaa! salamat SETCARD! haha but most of all thanks sa friendship. don't worry hindi ako tulad niya :))
Arnex- never forget those times, Thank You! More power sa show mo sa TV5
Morissete/Miguel - More Power sa Career nyo dis 2011 :)

To my Kapatid's
Marj- Kapatid! I love you! and you know that. Thanks for being such a wonderful sister to me for a long time. andito lang si Kuya A palagi! we'll invading Hongkong soon! hahaha
CJ - Kuya!! Thank you for being such a good brother to me for Four Years, It's been really a strong foundation. Andito lang ako at ang Family. Take Care of Tita Judith and Jester
Lester- Bes! Thank You for being there kahit minsan ang Gulo gulo! hehe.. tyaga lang at alam mu na yun engineer!
Ian - Bunso! kahit pasaway kaa.. hahahah andito lang si kiua, thank you sa mga nice time we've been this year :)
Sachi- Thanks at nandyan ka pa din kahit naglaho kang bigla noon hehe..
Kuya Jonar - KUYAAA!!! ang taong madalas kong hingan ng tulong especially pagschool works (ganun talaga pag matalino di ba kua? ) hee.. thanks utol kasi andyan ka din especially when I needed someone to talk to the most. thank you :)
Carlo- Bunchukoiiii! How did you know? haha .. thanks for sharing your amazing voice with me. buti nlang nagmana ka kay Kuya :)
Ate Leslie- thanks for being there for me all the time even in my lowest moments Hope to spend time with you soon before ka gumraduate. :)
Kuya Joey- President! Thanks you for making time to be there wid me minsan kahit busy ka :)
Cindy- Angel! thanks for letting me Mami laidz to be also my Mom it's been such an amazing to know you and be with you along with Mami.
Jen Princess- Mila. hehe buong buo! wew! I had nothing much to say but THANK YOU :)
Ate Mitch - ang mayaman kong ate! haha! Thank you po!
Red - best! bagaman nawala ka! hehe thanks for the friendhip! :) starbucks naaa! hahaha

To my Friedssss :)

Kristine- Happy New Year! haha Thanks sa PBB audition and kay Assley kaya kita nakilala. Thank You!
Jenfrida- Bebezt! hehe thanks for the friendship! thanks for supporting me in everything! dito lang ako ^^
Mitchie - Momay! salamat sa friendship. I know how hard for you the situation is naging magulo ang lahat. had nothing to say more but Thank You. :) i'm just here.

To my former Manager- Kaye, I know na naging maxadong mabilis yung nangyari but I hope that you'll understand those things, I've been always thankful to you despite of what happened and you know that.

To my Love!
hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.. Joke lang! wala pa xa! Hopefully by nextyear meron na! hahaha :D <3

To my 6,072 friends in Facebook! Thank you! Happy New Year and Godbless us all!

and to YOU! for making time reading this :)

Happy New Year everyone!

sa mga taong hindi ko naisama dito you know you you are I do thank you :)

Ray Albert Sabater. :)


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