Saturday, September 15, 2012

Mr. & Ms. Reflector 2012


Reflector is a leading newspaper in North Luzon particularly in Bulacan  for almost 35 years that's why this pageant is came up to celebrate and gather with the people who support the first newspaper in Bulacan.  Mr. Gary Doo Matic is the one who takes charge of the Reflector newspaper founded by their family by this, he is also the one who organize and the head director of the Search for Mr. & Ms. Reflector 2012 Luckily, I've given the chance to be part of this wonderful event that serves another milestone not just for the Matic Family but as well as the Newspaper who serves the best and nothing but the truth for Bulakenyos.

This pageant search happened last March 2012 and worked with a long months of preparations from it's production and rehearsals to make this event more memorable to everybody who will witness Highlight of the 35 years of success of Reflector.

I have a lot to tell more about this Pageant that I've joined including the rehearsals, bonding moments with the candidates, photos from the Big night and my amazing moments with the candidates. for now, I'd like you to meet the Official Candidates of Mr & Ms. Reflector 2012.

Female Candidates

From L-R : Lea Forbes, Shanneth Ramirez, Lea Clarisse Labao, Myca Bonoan. Shane Gonzales

From L-R : Ryme Trinidad, Diana Joy San Diego, Rowena Sasuluya, Jeane Santos, Angel Nacu, Mary Ann Manabat

Male Candidates 

From L-R : Gio Miguel Beltran, Raymond Salazar, Mark Barde, Paolo Abas

From L-R : Jayson Labao, Ray Albert Sabater, Anfel John Joaquin, Darylle Salvador

From L-R : Elston Jimenez, Mark Barde, John Robert Espina, Eric Cruz, RC Concepcion

Photo Credits:
Garry Glenn Merza Photography
Sir. Ronald Cristobal
Kuya Jr. Sala
100 Top Model Search Bulacan
Teen Earth 2012
Sir Erix Leano
Candidates Respective Photographers

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