Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Audition Video - Mr Pogi

First time in Here! my scandal! Hahaha  since it's Mr. Pogi fever lemme share this video of you'rs truly!  supposedly this was my Audition video for Mr. Pogi 2012  pero hindi ko sinend just because am shy! haha..just made this for fun and thru the forces of the people around me. haha..but I hope you enjoy watching this video. that I am sharing today atleast you've got an idea how will It goes if I was on the competition :) Enjoy!


Lord Michael Angeles said...

Very nice! >_<

Lord Michael Angeles

kimjae_1719 said...

sayang naman po at hindi nyo sinend itong video, may qualities naman po kau to be a Mr. Pogi :)

---> ganda po ng song at boses :)