Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Were almost there! =)

Whew! It's been quite a long time since I write here on my blog,
andami nang nangyari at ang dami na rin akong pwedeng i-share dito, pero mukhang sa Highlights of my 2011 ko na yata sya ma-sishare lahat. :P

Tito Tonee offered me to have a Taping for Bubble Gang Last September 19, 2011 at GMA-7's Comedy show Bubble Gang. so, I grab the opportunity and accepted it.

I have here some of the Pics on my Bubble Gang Taping with the cast/s :)

With Sam Pinto :)

With Maureen Larrazabal

Alien? Aliennnn! with Brod Pitt :)

The Looooongest Mainstay at Bubble Gang - Babagee with Josef

Chillin' out at the rest room with my co-talents Kaye and Oreo

Kaye with Dennis Trillo

On the set with Boy Pick-Up and Neneng B :)

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