Friday, October 1, 2010

Crush ba kamo?!

hahaha.. whew! weekend na naman! and I'm looking forward to a bunch and bunch of sleep. hahaha. It's been a busy week for me but it was great. another challaenge, another experience and another learnings :]
few days from now. I'm going to have my Baby Touch.. yahhoooo! xD

Crush ba kamo?!
Moving on. I <3 br="br" girl.="girl." this="this">lahat nman yata tayo may crush. :P
I'll send her a Personal Message in Facebook then she just say Thank you to me . :]

She is Krissha Viage a Masscom Student who is now part of the Newest Talent search in Tv5. Catch her on Star Factor every Sundays 5:30 pm :)


Mitchie said...

`hahah :))

Tet said...

oh..she's cute.. :D

btw..happen to saw your blog at drix salazar's..