Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Whatta Summer! - for FS Bulletin :)

Aww.. sobra! haha..
sobrang init!

panu na lang yung mga Hot na tulad ko tapos Hot pa ang weather, para kang sinusunog..pero joke lang yon! ^^

our temperature meter here at home reaches 40degrees a while ago,
but i dunno if that's accurate .. lol :)

i'm back here in FS! whew!
I thought nawala na tong account na to..

nowadays, FS, is not so different in Facebook, twitter multiply and myspace
astIG! hehe.. but above all, I'M GLAD to be BACK! hahaha ..

drop some comments guys! i really missed to be here..
for sure naliligaw din kayo dun sa kabila ... dun sa may kulay blue na HOMEPAGE! lol.. hahahaha ...

ankulit ko na naman! hahaha ... :)


I'm back here at BLOGGER! yahooo!
How I wish that I can update this acount everyday, kaso tinatamaan na nman ako ng kawalan sa mood na magtype hahaha...
but for now what important here is andito na ko ngayon.. whatever! hahaha

I got a lot of stories to tell pa sana but maybe share ko nlang yun soon when I got here ulit. Promise! :)

were now reaching in the middle part of the summer vacation..
one month na lang eveything is back to Normal..
back to school and back to the reality - a busy life doing different stuff..
but t'was a great thing to do kesa naman wala diba?

on the past weeks, i've been doing a lot of things nba din..
eventhough most of the time I was sleeping at my bed.. haha..

I attended the screening for the Circle of 10 Model Search
I have to work with DSP Mr. Dan Santos, Mr Dennis Celestial and Mr. Kristian Marquez which is the three on the famous when it comes to photography and fashion.
It was my First Time to go on a Church Visiting or mostly known as Visita Iglesia.

This is only the few on my lists, in which I will share to you guys very very soon :)
for now let's just enjoy the Heatwave of the Summer 2010! :)

-Ray Albert :)

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