Thursday, December 31, 2009

Highlights of my 2009

This year has been such an amazing year for me ..
I've been encountering a lot of challenges that mold me on what kind of
I am person right now..
I can say that this year bring a lot of Blessings for me ..
and I want to thank our God Almighty for that ..
Kahit na masasabi kong naging pasaway ako this past few months ..
masasabi ko rin namang ''I Learned'' and i'm still learning on my mistakes ..
I've been blessed by a lot of opportunities which is I really really didn't expect :)

This year:

March 2009

I've been celebrated my 18th birthday will all my Friends present
(di siguro lahat but some who'll i really expect came) from my Highschool classmates,
TUP-ians and my college friends were able to came eventhough I've been staying pa sa Cavite :)

May 2009

I've got a call from Sir Vic Fabe (of FABECLOTHING) a respected photographer to pose and become a Model of his Clothing .. I 'm really grateful that Sir Vic have given me the opportunity like this. Thanks Sir Vic! :)

September 2009

1.After 14 years ... yep you heardt right!
My Sister and his Fiance got married through a Christian ceremony ..
It has been attended with our relatives on both sides with the participation of our
city Mayor Tik Aguinaldo as one of their Principal Sponsors :)
Congrats Ate Irene & Kuya Jerome : )

Sabater-Tabuzo Wedding

Mom,Ate Irene,Kuya Jerome, Paps and Me

2.Need to passed my Title to next one who will awarded as The Mr. CIE 2009
(College of Industrial Education) It's been a long time since I was able to conquer the stage world Since I awarded as Mr CIE of the Year 2008 but during those times I didn't really expect that I was the one whose been chosen as the representative of my college (sobrang thankful talaga :) )
as I passed my title .. Congrats to the Mr. & Ms. CIE 2009 Bryan & Pinky :)
I thought everythings back to normal until OCTOBER comes ..

October 2009

I don't believe in the saying that If one Door closed another will open until I experience it ..
late of october 2009 when someone approched me to take the screening as one of the Official
candidates of the Annual Search for Mr. & Ms. Cavite Global for this year 2009 ..
In God's Grace I was Given a Chance to be Qualified and be Part as one of the 24
Caviteños and Caviteñas competing for the title and as a part of it ..
I've been experiencing a lot of new experiences as I enter and conquer the Spotlight.
Having a busy schedule for the two consecutive months (Nov. & Dec)
I't was really an amazing experience to be there and part of the CG Pageant ..
I've Learned a lot and experienced new things as a not so Model :)

November 2009

As I become one of the Candidates of the Mr & Ms Cavite Global
In which I represent my Historical town.. ''The Heroic town of Kawit'' :)
I was able to meet my 23 co-candidates/co-models coming from the different minicipalitites of Cavite. Thanks for the Friendship Guys! :)

I've been awarded as The Mr.Congeniality of the Mr. & Ms. Cavite Global
eventhough I didn't get the title of being the Mr. Cavite
I feel that i'm also a winner in some ways .. especially in Friendship ..
t'was a great experience for me to ''BE PART OF THE REVOLUTION''

Cavite Global Candidates! ..

Caviteño! Rebolusyonaryo! :)

(L-R: Reymond Del Pilar,Constantino Gabriel,Guiller Mojica,Ray Albert Sabater, Aingeal Flores,Paola Alberto,Reiko France Dumadag)

December 2009
I'm not saying that I've been Lucky and Happy whole year round I also come to the point in which comes into the Low moments of my life .. yea.. sobrang down .. but when that comes I just think of the Happy thoughts .. and Happy Moments ..
Suddenly I smiled .. :) and I realized .. I'm Blessed !
Let's Just Believe in Him!
dahil kay BRO! All things are Possible!
HAPPY NEW YEAR GUYS! .. 2010 na!!! :)

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